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The Work Continues.


As we approach the 2 year anniversary of the earthquake that took so many lives and caused so much devastation, I want to remind friends of Nepal House that there is still work that needs attending to. There are still traumatized children and families, people are not back in their homes, schools are still piles of rubble and people are struggling because the cost of items that sky rocketed in the post earthquake and border blockade time have not returned to reasonable levels. I would like to remind friends that Nepal House is continuing to attend to these and other challenges.

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Rita's Story


Rita (name changed) was a girl from a marginalized family. She was in regular school for some years but she was not able to continue her schooling do to financial restraints on the family. During our field visit we found her playing and talked to her and introduced our school. Her parents were not ready to send her to Nepal House because they thought she cannot make progress in the school academically because she had been out of school for a few years and they cannot afford for her to study.

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Culture and Counselling


Sometime we encounter issues that are culturally strong and challenging to deal with. For example we had two cases in recent months that were difficult, but we managed through use of our cultural knowledge and our clinical knowledge. Both cases were related to historical trauma and the clients were acting out the symptoms that were related to some spiritual and natural power. Both clients had experienced trauma when they were young.

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A mother's love


Learning New Work

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