Being available when the child is ready


Every Friday I work with children living with HIV. Last Friday when I entered the orphanage where many of my clients live, a previous client (a nine year old boy) run towards me and requested for sometime to talk. I had an appointment with other boys so I made an appointment with him later in the day. When I called him for the session he started talking about his sick mother (she is working as house mother in the same home) who was in the hospital and was very sick with an HIV related illness. It is exam time in his school and because of this he was not able to go and see her.

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One Girls Story


From a difficult start, a young girl came to Nepal House Kaski school for
help in learning and mental health care. When she was born, her father was
angry that she was a girl rather than a boy and threw her out into the
field. Neighbors came and picked her up and helped the mother and her with
food and care. Her father often beat her while he was drunk and he would
swear at her and her mother. Life was difficult and she had many problems
when she came to the school. She was very dirty, hyperactive, angry, and

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Rescuing Girls


NHK counselors do a lot more than counseling. In Nepal there is no properly functioning Child Protection Agency, no foster homes and very few social workers. As Nepal House’s reputation grows, people in the community increasingly turn to us for help and support in dealing with abuse and neglect issues. For example, the other day a father whose 14 year old daughter was raped turned up looking for counseling support for her, and help in dealing with the police for him.

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Today when I was in the Jumenal Centre (what we call Youth Detention or Jail) I met with a new prisoner. He is nine years old and was crying all the time because he missed his parents and his village. He had been beaten by the police when he was arrested and was very scared. This was very hard for me to witness, but I did my best to comfort him and find some ways for him to get support from some of the older boys there that I know well. NHK has been visiting the jail about 8 months.

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Children's Groups by Laxmi Gautam


Nepal House Kaski organized a children’s groups in one of the children's home where we provide counselling. In this home there are kids having HIV and AIDS. The groups ran for seven days. There were 14 children in each group. The main topics of the group were to teach them about safety, anxiety, fear, self care, boundaries, anti bullying, anger, abuse and diary writing. We wanted to do a lot of exercises and practices with them. The Kids had remarkable participation in all topics and exercises. I need to share that I learned so much with these groups.

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