Girls Group


Most of the schools are closed in summer season for a month or longer but our NHK School was closed for only 10 days this summer. Girls from sister school also have holidays at this time, our sister school is where the girls who have met many of their goals are sent to continue their education. We planned to use some of this vacation time in a different way by doing a girls group for the senior girls. We did this group from 10th to 12th July 2014. There were 10 girls in the group including the girls from sister school. It was three-day workshop.

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Counselling Service in Prison


(In Basanta’s words) Nepal House Kaski has started to bring counselling to a Youth Prison for the first time. This Juvenile center is on a hill, a little outside from Pokhara. There are 51 teen age boys in the center. Many of them have been involved in murder and rape cases. Very little staff members, police around them makes their life not so easy. I used NHK motorbike to go there. I had an appointment with 6 teen age boys. I met them in a big group few times. Even after meeting them in the group, I had a little nervousness, some excitement and a lot of thoughts all at the same time.

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A successful experience running a Children’s Group


We believe learning is a never ending process. Staying in this belief, NHK counselling team decided to run children groups from age 6 – 15. We prepared a manual after some discussions in our team and with our supervisor. We began running the groups with the children and split them in two groups according to their age level. There is special theme in each group. We had challenges working with children where there was a lot bullying happening. One of the group themes was about anti- bullying and we ran that group (we included puppet shows and some stories too with other materials).

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Art speaks the feelings


(written by Shiva Thapa)

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AGM Highlights


We had a very successful AGM last night, we got the chance to honour our volunteers and recognize how far this organization has come. We also had the chance to hear from SFU Professor Dr. Alissa Antle about the research and development they are doing to create software specifically for Nepal House Society. This software can be used by our girls and children in counselling to create better attention capacity and decrease states of agitation or arousal.

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