A teachers Love


When we started the school we had 12 girls from age 3-6. Their hygiene was so bad – they had sores on their bodies, they were always hungry and dirty and were beaten daily by their parents. It was so hard to control them. They would run from the class and try and run down the street. They hit each other, swore all the time, would bite themselves and others and would get so upset they would pee themselves.

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Friends from US Chapter visit


School in Nepal is 6 days a week, Sunday to Friday. But on Saturdays, many of the girls still want to show up to the school. As we quickly found out, the love and affection they feel from the teachers, counselors and staff is more than they receive from their own parents at home - they tell us this.

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Healthy Mind-Healthy Community


We at Nepal House believe that sharing information can lead to big changes in the community. So with that in mind we followed our belief yesterday and ran a one day workshop on "Healthy Mind, Healthy Community'. The workshop covered covered such topics as; Anxiety, Depression, Suicide, Emotional coaching, Creating Safety Plans, and self-care. We invited many individuals who work in the field with children and families. We had twelve participants in the workshop. The information was heavy but the participants were very curious and patient to learn about mental health.

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Invited to share.


I was invited to attend a group meeting at the Child Welfare Association on 17th of January 2013. The audience consisted of children ranging from five years of age to Nineteen years of age. I was asked to explain the role of a counsellor to these young people. I shared the fact that meeting with a counsellor has nothing to do with misbehavior. It is more a resolution of difficulties small or big which may happen in anybody’s life. I touched on anger, anxiety, parents, violence, bullying and name calling.

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The Truth of the Matter


Juna (not her real name) lived in one of the children’s homes that support children with HIV and AIDS after her parents died of AIDS. Nepal House Kaski has a mobile counseling centre here. Juna was in counseling with me for over two years. Juna was HIV positive and had pneumonia when she was a small child. Both her lungs were not functioning well since that time. The children’s home caregivers referred her to us reporting that Juna was often angry, cried easily and did not believe staff when they said she would get better.

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