Counselling visit to a Police Station


My phone rang one morning. It was the district Child Protection Officer from Syanjhaja district which is a neighboring district of Kaski. He was talking about a 14 year old girl who had had a relationship with a 22 year old man. She had been having difficulties with her parents, and went off with the man. When she returned, her parents rejected her and tried to force her to marry him. The district Child Protection Officer was saying that the couple had been arrested, and was being held in prison. He told me that he had heard of Nepal House Kaski and its services.

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Working with a child with pre-natal alcohol exposure


Written By Shiva Thapa (in his own words)

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Radio Chunumunu Nepal


Nepal House , Kaski Kids were in Children Radio Program

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A story of the healing path...


Six months ago the NHk team found a family who was living in a public hut with five children. This was the time we were doing a community survey to find girls who may require our services. One of the organizations called Shakti Samuha works with the girls from trafficking background introduced this family. Basanta and Shiva visited the family on that first day with the social worker from Shakti Samuha. We were shocked to see the situation they were living in.

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Nepal House Kaski provides training to community partner


NHK conducted two days caregiver training in new children’s home

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