Shiva talks about a returning client


Namaste everyone,

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Where does your donation money go?


A recent article in a number of papers in Canada suggested that there are at least 6,000 charity employees that make more than $120,000 a year in Canada. It's a fair question to ask; when I make a donation, where does my donation go? The vast majority of money donated to Nepal House, over 95% goes to Nepal to provide counselling, education, treatment, food etc to children and families, or to our front line Nepalese staff who provide these vital services. No member on the Nepal House Society board in Canada collects a salary.

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Laxmi speaks


Namaste everyone!I am Laxmi Gautam (Tripathi). I have been working in Nepal House Kaski for one and a half years as a child counsellor. From our experience of working a few years with many children we came to know that comparatively higher number of girls have more difficulties and less opportunities. So we decided to start a special school for girls. Many things were in a good order, that’s why we got an approval to start special school for girls from the local government. Many agencies and organizations were asking different questions about our new school program.

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In Bina's Words


Namaste everyone! I am Bina Pun, one of the counsellor's in Nepal House, Kaski. I have been working here for almost three years.  Before joining NHK I was a teacher in one of the boarding schools. It is an opportunity to join NHK where I am  learning different skills to support children in Nepal. Counselling training in NHK gave me many things in my life. I learned many new ideas to help myself and others. I did not know there is something (Play and Art Therapy) for children to help when they have some issues, difficulties, and trauma and so on.

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from Shiva Thapa- May 15, 2011


Namaste Friends,I just wanted to inform you that Nepal House Kaski school has informally started from today and seven girls are at nepal house building. They already visited nhk few times with thier parents. Our teachers are with them today in our class room and they started thier first day with the girls. Our counsellors and the teachers did many visits in the community and shared the informations about our school.

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