School Staff


Deepa Karki

My name is Deepa Karki. I am originally from pokhara, the place where I was born is called machhapuchhreTole, the reason behind the name of this place is because we can see the machhapuchhre mountain (fishtail) view very clearly and also other mountain views. I grown up in a middle class family where my parents always struggled for the basic needs, I am proud to my parents that they manage to educate me and I am here now. When I got to know about NHK and I became very interested and walked for the interview, finally I selected and started to work in the NHK team, they all became very helpful and taught many new things that I heard very little before like, trauma, counseling, play therapy, art therapy, and talk therapy and also some teaching skills. I enjoyed the first few weeks with the team painting the rooms, fence, shopping for school and many field trips where I saw many challenge situations and now I am happy to see the girls in the school, I am very hopeful that the school will make many changes in these girls life along with counseling together and also the family situation. I believe that children are god gifted and they are like clay, what model you want to change them they are ready, so, please help to make them a good person with respect, love, care, and affection. 

Sarita Lamichhane

My name is Sarita lamichhane. I am from Bharatpokhari village development Committee. The place I was born is called Kalikasthan. This place is famous for Oranges and tomatoes, where we can get one of the best oranges and tomatoes in Nepal. I am from a middle class family and agriculture is the main source of income. My parents struggle a lot to educate me and my sister. I have teaching education so I am very interested to be a part of Nepal House. I love teaching because it is the best way to learn. I am very much excited to learn new things here and also interested to know more about counseling and therapy, this is something very new for me. I am enjoying the time in NHK, coloring of the rooms, shopping, field trips, and trainings from the counselors. I am eager to see the school progress and interested to learn new skills. I think children are always ready to learn if there is safe and loving environment. Children can learn in many ways and as a teacher we are the key person to make them feel happy and learn in a safe environment.