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Nepal House Society aims to alleviate the suffering of traumatized children in Nepal. Civil war followed by civil and political unrest has taken their toll on the children of Nepal. Children have been on the receiving end of violence, exploitation and a lack of protection from local, municipal and national

Nepal House was established to provide a means for children to heal and recover from abuse, neglect, violence, trauma and the loss of innocence. Through the use of art, play and talk therapy children are given something beyond two meals a day and life in an orphanage that offers little hope to many.

Nepal House trains Nepali Professionals (teachers, social workers, nurses; etc) to use therapeutic means to build connections and support children in becoming whole after a traumatic event has intervened in their lives. These Nepali counsellors in turn provide training and support to orphanage staff, school counsellors and other para-professionals in the community.

Experienced counsellors, social workers and professors from Canada, USA and other countries volunteer their time and pay their own way to Nepal to share their expertise with our Nepali staff.

We have four counsellors on staff and one assistant. We have one main counselling center and two annex offices; one providing support to children impacted by Aids and HIV and another in a more remote area of Pokhara with many at risk young children.

In 2011 we will open the first class of our Girls School to provide young girls at risk a safe place to attend school that will take into account the many challenges that they may have already faced in their young lives.

Become a Monthly Donor

It has been a busy and exciting year for Nepal House Society and our partner, Nepal House Kaski:

  • Close to 40 children are now receiving counselling and support services each week.
  • We recently opened a second office in North Pokhara to support children who are living with HIV and AIDS and a third office in an outlying area of Pokhara.
  • We are in the beginning stages of starting up a girl’s school, having just opened a Kindergarten.

Now Nepal House is seeking a commitment of $10 per month from 150 people to give us the financial stability to maintain our current programs and grow responsibly when the time is right. Will you help us to achieve our goal?

While $10 will probably not noticeably affect your own lifestyle, it will greatly impact the life of a young child in Nepal. Please contact Ashwin Sharma at

A mother's love


Learning New Work

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Stories of success when given the opportunity


I wanted to share with you all something that was shared by the counselling and teaching team at NHK; that I thought was quite amazing: Eleven (11) girls have 'graduated' from NHK school so far and are attending a regular school in the community (We refer to it as our sister school), and they are all still connected to NHK . Some come for counselling, all will be coming to do a group this month. But what really wowed me is that none of those 11 have dropped out and 8 or 9 of them are doing really well in school. They are in the top 5% !

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Earthquake Relief account from NHK team


namaste brothers and sisters,

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