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Rita (name changed) was a girl from a marginalized family. She was in regular school for some years but she was not able to continue her schooling do to financial restraints on the family. During our field visit we found her playing and talked to her and introduced our school. Her parents were not ready to send her to Nepal House because they thought she cannot make progress in the school academically because she had been out of school for a few years and they cannot afford for her to study. We spoke to her family and explained that there would be no cost to attending NHK school and convinced Rita to come visit us and brought her to Nepal House. She was older than other girls and she was hesitating to sit in the class in the beginning. However, two years of regular schooling in Nepal House and she is back to the regular school again (costs paid by NHK) and her study is much better. She has a hope and confidence to complete her schooing and she wants to become a teacher. She frequently visits Nepal House with her progress report. There are many other girls who are back to regular school and they are much happier to take some knowledge and courage from us.

Buddhi Kumari Gurung
Teacher, Nepal House,Kaski

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