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On September 14, 2017 we celebrated National Children’s day at Nepal House Kaski. On this special occasion NHK organized a child focused program to celebrate the day. On this glorious day the children performed songs, dancing and a special drama. The drama was about children’s rights and it was performed by the children in a very good way with the lesson of caring, giving chance for the children, freedom, safety and other important aspects of child development in a holistic way. It was live acting focusing on education for the children. Some kids acted as a parent that are not sending kids to school and others seeking chance to send kids to school for their education. They found NHK school 7 years ago and started to send kids to the NHK School.  The profound changes could be seen in the family of kids that are sending the kids at school and other families were really thinking and noticing the positive changes of their neighbors. The way they treat the children is different than the last few years.  These changes make them think and now they also want to send their kids even though they are a bit older. But it is still possible to send the kids to school. NHK welcomes them in the school and or supports them to attend regular school. That was the end of the drama and the kids celebrated the day having good food with their friends and family.

Blog written by
Buddhi Gurung
Teacher NhK

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