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As we approach the Gala, we wanted to share a young girls story of success for herself and her family.

B is 10 now and has been at NHK school for 4 years.

Due to ongoing poverty, B’s parents moved from their village to Pokhara to find work. B’s father is disabled and has an alcohol addiction. Her mother had few social or parenting skills and beat B and her siblings often. She neglected her children, and they were malnourished and very dirty. Her parents were often violent with each other.

When B started school she had many health issues, was always dirty and smelled, she couldn’t concentrate and was not interested in learning. She had lots of anxiety and anger and would hit the other girls.

NHK has supported this family in many ways. They took B to the doctor and her health began to improve with the right medicine (her mother had been taking her to a priest for her health). Mother attended NHK’s parenting group and over time stopped the beatings, began regular meals, and dressed the children in proper clothes and the family’s hygiene improved as well.  Now she and B have a much closer relationship. While there are still problems in the family, the parents who attended counseling together at NHK as well, are getting along better.

B attended counseling sessions regularly and along with the loving attention from her teachers she has made huge changes. Among the many things she did in counseling were learning boundaries and how to feel safe. She engaged in mindfulness mediation and therapeutic art.  Now she is focused in class and doing well in her studies having caught up to her expected school level. She is confident and happy, and is a caring and loving sister and friend. She is ready to attend government school next year, knowing that NHK will still be there to provide whatever support she needs to continue succeeding.

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