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S’s family was very poor and lived in a very overcrowded building where S was often left to roam around on her own. S’s mother has considerable mental health issues and her father has an alcohol addiction and was in jail a lot. When S was born he was so angry she was not a boy he threw her on the ground.  S witnessed a lot of violence at home.

S began attending NHK school when she was 5 years old. She had very poor hygiene and many health issues. She was quite violent and would scratch and hit the other girls. She exhibited cognitive delays having a very limited vocabulary and inability to retain information, even songs or rhymes.

Over the next four years NHK worked a lot with both S and her parents. Her mother was encouraged to attend the NHK parenting group which she did but found very difficult to engage with. With the ongoing support and unconditional respect she got from the counselors and teachers she slowly began connecting and engaging. She attended the 8 sessions twice.  S’s parents also were seen together by a counselor to try and help them reduce the violence and chaos at home. Overtime this too improved, and they began to think about S’s safety and protecting her and caring for her.

At school the teachers worked in a variety of ways to find techniques that would help S learn and retain information. As the violence at home decreased and her mother become more loving and protective S also became less angry and violent. Her concentration improved and using special techniques she began learning.

After four years at NHK she had made enough improvements to graduate to the government school and is managing there. She is a caring friend and proud of her accomplishments. Her mother too is proud of herself as a parent and of the positive relationship she now has with her daughter.

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