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Nepal House Society

Nepal House Society is a not for profit society whose aims are to provide therapeutic and educational support to the children of Nepal. The Society was established in 2007 in British Columbia and in that same year a similar organization was established in Pokhara, Nepal, (Kaski District). The goals of Nepal House Society of BC (Canada) are to provide support to the organization in Nepal in the form of financial, moral, educational and therapeutic support.

Nepal House Society (Canada), in collaboration with Nepal House Kaski (Pokhara), provide the following services free of charge:

  • A children’s counselling facility where children are provided counselling for trauma, mental health; depression and anxiety, grief and loss, health related issues and other factors.
  • A school for girls who would otherwise due to behavioural challenges, poverty or parental issues not be in school and are at risk for exploitation or trafficking. Counselling is also provided.
  • Support for girls who graduate from the NHK, as they transition into the regular school system with uniforms, books and counselling.
  • Educational and life skills support to young incarcerated men (boys).
  • Parenting and support groups for mothers and fathers in the community.
  • Training to Social Workers, orphanage staff, teachers and other professionals on non-violent, compassionate interventions to support children with challenging behaviour.


In 2005 a play therapy room was set up in Bhakunde; a small village outside of Pokhara. This play therapy room was utilized by the children of the local orphanage. A therapist from Vancouver was invited by a German NGO that ran this orphanage to support some of their children. A Nepali teacher and a health practitioner who worked with the children at the orphanage became interested in how art, play and therapy could be used to support and promote healing in children. These two men became the first students in Nepal to learn how to use the play therapy room and provide opportunities for children to engage with this modality. This blossomed into many fruitful dialogues and eventually to the establishment of Nepal House Kaski (in Nepal) and Nepal House Society (in B.C.) in 2007. In 2011 Nepal House opened its School for Girls and a Chapter of NHS started in the United States. In 2013 we started to support young incarcerated men, some as young as 10 years old who were imprisoned for various crimes, many that were linked to dire poverty or mental health issues. In 2015 our staff supported those who were traumatized by the April 25 Earthquake that killed over 9000 people and had a direct hand in the re-building of a village near the epi-center of the earthquake. In 2017-18 NHS and NHK will commemorate ten years of service to the children of Nepal.


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