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The Nepal House Girls school which was opened in May of 2011 was in response to a need that was
highlighted by observations that were made by members of the community in Pokhara, Nepal. The influence of
poverty, family trauma and a lack of resources within the community were placing a number of young girls at
risk for further and profound trauma. The idea behind the Girls School was to give some of these young girls
and their families an opportunity to resist the negative influences of poverty and distress which were influencing
these girls and families to see their situation as one in which hope, compassion and kindness were distant.

Since opening in 2011 and continuing into the 2017-18 academic year, the school has averaged about 25 girls
each year who would otherwise not have been able to attend. Each year a few girls who have shown that they
can handle the rigors of a regular school have graduated and attend a regular school in the community referred
to as the "sister school". Nepal House continues to support these girls by paying for their yearly school fees,
supplying them with two uniforms and continued on-going counselling support as needed. In fact many of the
girls who we have graduated to the sister school are at the top of their class.

The girls in the school all receive therapy, health care, meals and their families are assisted as well. If we are
going to change the lives of these girls, we need to include their families in the process. Parents and caregivers
work closely with school and counselling staff, not only on issues related to education; but employment
strategies for parents, nutrition, child safety (emotional and physical), safe housing and access to other
community supports.


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