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Nepal House is currently looking for volunteers to:

  1. Join our Board of Directors

  2. Supervise and train counselling staff in Nepal

  3. Mentor teaching staff

See below for more information.


1) Join our Board of Directors:

We are often on the lookout for people who might be interested in joining our Board of Directors. It is a great place to collaborate with like minded people who have a passion for helping children in different parts of the world. No experience is required, and one can learn a great deal about how small grass roots NGO operates. We usually meet once a month in Richmond, BC and focus on ways to provide support and training to our partners in Nepal. Once or twice a year a fund raising or education activity is planned which may require more time.

If you are interested please e-mail us at info@nepalhousesociety.org so that we can share more information with you.

2) Supervise and train counselling staff in Nepal:

NHS is currently recruiting volunteers to supervise and train counselling staff in Nepal. The team is comprised of 4 wonderful therapists and who will benefit greatly from the presence of an experienced child and youth supervisor. You will be able to commit to a minimum of 2 months to living and working in Pokhara. You will meet with staff at least 5 days a week, provide counseling training and case supervision. If possible, you could provide a training of your choice to the wider community.

Required Skills and Qualifications:

  • A Masters degree or equivalent in a related field,
  • Experience working with children and youth,
  • A thorough understanding of child development and the effects of attachment disruption and trauma on the child
  • Excellent counselling skills including play and/or art therapy
  • Experience assessing the emotional underpinnings of children’s behaviours and providing intervention strategies for positive caregiving
  • Experience in providing supervision, training and support to staff
  • Competence in working with diversity and gender equality
  • Understanding of Human Rights and client centered approaches
  • Ability to use initiative and function independently
  • Diplomacy and assertiveness; the ability to confront and discuss sensitive issues with respect and care
  • Maturity and discretion: demonstrated flexibility and adaptability in working in and with different and more traditional cultures

Typical Arrangements for Room/Food:

Pokhara is a beautiful town in the foothills of the Annapurna Mountains. There are a wide variety of accommodation options depending on your budget. Our team in Pokhara will be pleased to help you find a situation that suits your needs and budget. Transportation is usually done by walking, bicycle or bus. There are many wonderful sites and adventures awaiting you in your time off. NHS can help those who are selected to do fund-raising for their trip.

Application Process:

Please send us a resume and cover letter and we will contact you as soon as possible info@nepalhousesociety.org


3) Mentor Teaching Staff

The teaching staff at Nepal House Kaski use a holistic curriculum based on Nepal educational requirements with therapeutic elements that are trauma-informed. They attend to experiential learning to teach fundamental education subjects (e.g., reading, writing, math), and nurture supportive, caring relationships between the children and the children and staff. The student group is a combination of girls of different ages, usually between 5-12 years old. Montessori materials are used to aid learning, along with other creative elements that include working in the NHK garden, using a variety of art materials, and dance. The children are involved in regular daily exercise with freedom to play outside with each other and with involvement in organized games, songs, and yoga. Festival celebrations are an important and regular part of the curriculum with special rituals and food for these occasions. The teaching staff are also responsible for accompanying the children for regular medical checkups for their eyes, ears, and any other medical needs they may have. The children in the NHK school are supplied with a school uniform and regular meals and snacks throughout the day.

We are looking for volunteers to assist and support our teaching staff in any of these areas noted above including education on helping children with learning challenges and working with children who have a trauma history. The teaching staff keep records of the student progress and note areas of difficulty where further assistance is needed; records will be made available to volunteers. Teaching staff are able to speak and work in English.

If you are interested please e-mail us at info@nepalhousesociety.org so that we can share more information with you.


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